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Enable Custom Frame Video Thumbnails in Windows

Posted by Adhavan on Thursday, December 11, 2008

Usually the video thumbnails that are generated by Windows XP results in a black screen which is of no use because it converts the first frame to generate thumbnails. Here I will show you how to enable custom frame thumbnails to all your video files including mp4 and mkv files. I read this in Neowin Forums to get the idea.

1. Download Thumbnail_enable_custom_frame (zip file, external link).

2. Run disable_default_thumbnail_generator.bat to disable your windows thumbnails.

3. Next run MatroskaSplitter.exe to install it.

4. After that go to Start -> Haali Media Splitter -> Media Splitter Settings

5. Open Options -> Explorer integration

6. Enable Thumbnail extraction -> Yes

7. Thumbnails Offset -> 300000 (Use your desired offset in milliseconds)

8. Finally run thumbnail_enable.reg.

Thats it now you will have useful thumbnails for all your video files including your mp4 and mkv files. I haven't tested this on other versions of Windows except XP.


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Create To-do list with Tasks in Gmail

Posted by Adhavan on Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Today Gmail team announced in their blog post that a new labs feature 'Tasks' has been added to Gmail. So now you have a light-weight To-do list manager right in your inbox. It is possible to add a number of To-do lists and also convert your emails into tasks. Tasks appear at the bottom as a window same as the chat box.


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